American Educational Research Association 2019


Excited to be attending the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2019 Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada!

I will be presenting a workshop with Carolyn Hetrick and Naivedya Parakkal titled "Moving Theory into Practice: Methodological Considerations Regarding Positionality, Identity, and Researcher Reflexivity." We worked hard to coordinate our proposal across three different time zones this past summer.


In this session, three researchers will share their methodological considerations about positionality, identity, and reflexivity. First, the researchers will draw upon a shared framework of critical race methodological literature to establish a common frame for understanding their otherwise disparate scholarship and to orient workshop participants to how the researchers see their work relating to extant reflexivity practices and scholarship. Second, the presenters will each share the methodological processes and theoretical orientations they have used to engage in rigorous (and ongoing) reflexivity and consideration of their positionalities. Third, the presenters will engage participants in small- and whole-group discussion to shed further light on how identities, contexts, conceptual approaches, and other methodological considerations both call for and influence researcher reflexivity and identity-investigation.

Carolyn Hetrick: Through the mirror: Methodological considerations for practicing critical reflexivity as a white researcher working with youth of color

Laura-Ann Jacobs: Twice adopted: A researcher’s investigation of multi-layered identity and reflexive practice

Naivedya Parakkal: Navigating ambiguities and changes in researcher reflexivity and positionality