The Frozen King

Congratulations on a successful performance of The Frozen King! This murder mystery was a collaborative creation with Tyler Nichols (MFA, University of Hawaii at Manoa). The first ever production of this murder mystery took place on January 14 in Ann Arbor, MI. Special thanks to assistant director Darrell Allen (PhD student, University of Michigan).

The Frozen King.jpg


McWhiteney Park. What started as a traditional theme park honoring his cartoon creations became more elaborate and more imaginative each year. The park has expanded to include parades and live performances, an exotic animal zoo, a sealife park, a casino, and even a gym.

Mr. McWhiteney. Mr. McWhiteney was one of history’s greatest thinkers. He was a man who valued imagination beyond any other quality. He dedicated his entire life to honoring imagination. So it seems only appropriate that he would dedicate his death to imagination as well.

The beloved creator announced his plans to prematurely end his life at the beginning of this week. He explained that advancements in technology and engineering had made a plan from his imagination possible.

Mr. McWhiteney plans to preserve his brain in a unique cryogenic head freezing device created on site at McWhiteney Park. His preserved head deep in the underbelly of the park symbolizes how the entire place is rooted in his imagination.

The Reception. Please see the attached note. You have been invited to attend the unveiling of Mr. McWhiteney’s cryogenic head freezing device. The guest list is short--Mr. McWhiteney left instructions that only “the best from each department” was to be invited.

You understand that the reception will include a reading of Mr. McWhiteney’s will. You hope that learning about inheritance won’t make a celebratory gathering turn sour.